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perennial enduro mtb baggy

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we’ve updated the colorways. less two tone, more everything in the same tone. more in-line with the international groove. this guy punches way above his weight. “it’s about the pad” who said that?

our unique “enduro” pad:
we import the pad from italy from the company that pioneered the one piece, three dimensional, multi layered pad. we add a smaller layer of a rather special polyether closed cell foam locally.
the final customer sometimes comments, “ooh but this pad is quite thick”. Those concerns dissapear once you cycle.
we have a fanatical support base because of this pad.

  • pant hem elasticated slightly at side.
  • front fly zipper.
  • 2 side pockets.
  • unique front dual access pocket. there’s a smaller zip “cell” pocket and a larger open pocket.

outer shell: 170gr open weave polyester woven with microfibre peachskin polyester woven & 240gr nylon stretch bengaline
note: the “all black” colorway is unique; the black base cloth is a stretch woven.

inner: made in a microtouch stretch lycra with vented mesh side panels. no inside leg seam.


  • this baggy has a very fitted silhouette.
  • our pant shells, or outers, are all adapted to the international MTB fit. Ie. higher crotch.
  • waist partly elasticated.
  • waist webbing belt with quick release buckle.
  • stretch panels on inside leg & across back.

this pant does not have a “inside leg seam”.
just another tiny detail that has made this the baggy, “that ticks all the boxes”.

this is a mens cut.



Indola Perrenial Pants Black Front
Indola Perrenial Pants Brown Front
Indola Perrenial Pants Charcoal Front
Indola Perrenial Pants Red Front
Indola Perrenial Pants Blue Front
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