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african riding shirt limited edition





there is growing demand for a riding shirt that looks less cycling specific. that is less clingy. and says something about where we’re from. indola is the brand to pioneer this new product category.

Please see at bottom for specific fit information with regards this style. Please email


  • basecloth is 100% cotton “lost wax” woven.
  • this is the “african market” cloth. similar to “shweshwe”, but lighter and softer. and even more so with use. these units have been garment washed and as such are preshrunk.
  • side seams have button/slit arrangement. you can choose to open the side seam.
  • undearm panels finished in the two way stretch lycra knit with the holes in, imported from italy. just a final fit touch.


  • the back pockets open in the bottom curve of the lower panel insert. really neat.
  • smaller, secure front pocket on lower part of garment. for the technologist.
  • two piece collar.
  • this garment is fitted, technically correct for the urban or sunny side adventurer. and in this sense should not be confused with the oversized “mandela” shirt.

this garment was tested on a journey from malawi to south luangwa park in zambia. we did one day of 160km off road on this trip. this garment proved very comfortable. not clingy and not sweaty.note: in order to be able to put a lot of stuff into a cycling top the waist needs to be elasticated. which is not the case with this garment. in this case that is solved by using a camelback or messenger satchel or another bike storage solution.

The fit of these shirts are very specific.
Actually best thing to do:
These Shirts measure “lying flat, sideseam to sideseam, 5cm below armhole”

S      44cm
M     49cm
L       54cm
XL      59cm
2XL    63cm
3XL    67cm

Compare that to an existing fitted short sleeve shirt or even a semi fitting cycling top where you enjoy the fit~the “ARS” is not as fitting as a racing snake cycling top.

We do exchange gratis, we don’t think that will be necessary.
Hope to see your order soon.
regards, philip grutter.

sizing: simply purchase the size you think you are. our team will contact you very soon to verify your size. See Full Sizing Info

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African Riding Top Limited Edition
New prints available end february.
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