Namaqualand Padmaker 001

Namakwa Padmaker


Just back from a 4-day MTB trip to Namakwa. 4 mates and 3 new faces.  Latter will be going all the way to CT (8 days)!

Started at Orange River and headed south, Richtersveld, Namakwa etc.

It was tough but epic.  Support van met us every night.  Great weather but cold (end Day1/start Day2 – 2C)!

Namaqualand Padmaker 002

Namaqualand Padmaker 003

Namaqualand Padmaker 009

Namaqualand Padmaker 010

I bonked after lunch on day 3 – it become a long slog home.  Missed out on day 4. Some mechanicals, tyre cuts etc.

Wide open spaces, stillness, brutal climbs, undulating terrain, initially rough and sandy tracks morphing into district roads.

Namaqualand Padmaker 004

Namaqualand Padmaker 005

Namaqualand Padmaker 006

Saw 2 “bakkies” in 3 days – pretty remote area.  It was something special.  In our “backyard”.

Got lost badly on day 1.  In “Lost” photo (Padmaker-18D1-Lost-lr.JPG), we should have been on the other side of the big mountain behind rider in red top!

Them 1:50000 maps not a reliable solution.  Technology is your friend.



Got lost on day 3 too.

Namaqualand Padmaker 011

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