Introducing our new Mule Cargo Lycra Bib Short. A top end Lycra Bib Short with 3 roomy bellows pockets on the back.

This unit ships with our famous Italian 3d pad. Without the extra foam piece.

The pad is attached through two layers of lycra. We are about durability.

There is no stitching at the two high chafe parts of the pad. We are about comfort.

This Bib is for the Gravel Cyclist. Many of who do not want to wear a traditional roadie top. Why not? A traditional fitted polyester cycling top is not comfortable after long hours in the saddle. Now you can wear that super washed wool T Shirt. Or our African Riding Shirt. The pockets are underneath. Gravel cycling has legs. It’s here to stay.

This Bib is for the Gravity Enduro Cyclist. These guys never wear a traditional roadie top. And there’s a lot of them.

We introduced the MTB Baggy to our cycling scene. The sport has evolved. It is a pleasure to continue to cater for the changing needs of the various cycling disciplines. It is about team work and combinations. The product that combines so well with this Girona Mule Bib Short is our Normal Pad Business Baggy. The Inner & Pad on this Baggy is removable. Note: When you include this Inner over the Mule Bib under the Baggy. Got that? That equals our Enduro Pad recipe.



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