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Ladies ZAR T’s




ZAR Ts Air Cooled
ZAR Ts No Contest

Shipping included. We can’t send 1 T. Please buy another T or any other indola product.

100% Cotton. Our ZAR T’s are a legend in their own lunchtime. These ladies T’s are a ladies fit. Scoop neck.

We believe in design & we believe in story telling: MTB started as a counter culture activity. It has in the meantime been co-opted by big business. These innovators from Marin County were part of the counterculture era. This allowed the mountain bike to develop and flourish in a niche, undisturbed from control mechanisms of the wider social context. The fun of riding fast downhill was a prime mover and the Repack races were the magnet that attracted the group on a regular basis. Joe Breeze describes the gravitas of the bicycle as a utilitarian vehicle as well as an interest in personal and environmental health as the glue that held the group together.

Some of the prints in this range have a “legend” printed inside back. Explaining what is is that motivated the design.

ea T sports a small “LIFE LITE BIKE CLUB” print onto lower corner back.

ZAR Ts Back

NO CONTEST” Royal T’s.

“Sometimes it goes the other way” ~ from the Movie “True Romance”. & The loser is the winner.


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