you will see from the product descriptions below here; we don’t do marketing hype. it’s plain and simple common sense, dedication, and time in the saddle. this range has developed a huge following, and deservedly so.

lycra: the lycra’s purpose is to hold and stretch the pad over the bum. the process requires consistancy with regards fabric performance. this determined our choice of fabric mill with regards lycra supply. 245gr, 16% Lycra/Poly basecloth. we import the lycra from South America.

upper lycra mesh: yes it’s also got lycra in. so it also has the proper stretch and return properties.

our unique “enduro” pad: we import the pad from italy from the company that pioneered the one piece, three dimensional, multi layered pad. we add a smaller layer of a rather special polyether closed cell foam locally. the net result is a slightly thicker than usual top end pad. you, as cyclist, will experience more comfort for a longer time. this enables the cyclist to focus on their core aim.


  • our “enduro” italian pad is “set”, that is attached, with a zig zag machine that has a three times higher than normal stitch count.
  • we use a “monofilament” thread that is four times more durable than normal to assemble this range.
  • contemporary broad lycra elastic completes the leg hem.
  • no inside leg seam.
  • the garment seams are purpose engineered so that the area where the pad is attached is separate from the rest of the garment.
  • the pad is attached thru 2 layers of lycra. this is one of the main reasons for the legendary durability of this unit.

“I purchased two indola bib shorts, must just tell you they are awesome even better than the R2000-00plus – – – – – bibs!!! I have done the epic with them and it was a pleasure.

kind regards, Andre JP Rossouw
mechanical engineering & governance
sasol synfuels”

we don’t make a ladies lycra bib at present.

sizing: simply purchase the size you think you are. our team will contact you very soon to verify your size.

Sizing & Shipping Please simply purchase the size you think you are. Our team will contact you very soon to verify your size. We make sure every garment fits.You can see our size availability where you purchase & our system will only allow you to buy a size that’s in stock. We do exchange free of charge.

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